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Many of the needs households have are unique or not covered by existing grant and funding streams. Lighthouse helps households meet these needs through our flexible online fundraising platform, HandUp. Since inception, we have raised over $7.3 million on HandUp to support projects and clients from 119 organizations in the United States. These funds have […]

Supportive Services

We believe that access to ongoing supportive services greatly assists households in quickly resolving, and in some cases totally preventing, crises. We strive to build trusting, transparent, and ongoing relationships with those we serve – relationships that allow households to reach out without hesitation should they have a question or problem with which they need […]

Rehousing Programs

Lighthouse implements a variety of housing programs that move households from homelessness to housing. Some programs offer long term financial assistance for those experiencing domestic violence or those who have experienced chronic homelessness, and others assist households who are experiencing homelessness for the first time and need just a few months of assistance to regain […]

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