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About Lighthouse

Lighthouse MI was established in 2019 when Lighthouse of Oakland County and South Oakland Shelter combined forces and merged agencies. LOC was founded in 1972 and started with a group of volunteers who provided food and clothing from the back door of a local church. SOS was established in 1985 by seven religious congregations in Oakland County. The new Lighthouse will leverage the best of both agencies, providing direct services (food, shelter, rental/utility and other financial assistance, clothing, crisis referrals) and stability and housing programs that develop and support self-sufficiency.

With over 80 years of combined experience, Lighthouse aims to be a Beacon of Hope to our neighbors who need us the most. Families turn to us seeking support for the most basic of needs such as food or shelter. Many of these people are seeking help for the first time.

Lighthouse endeavors to build equitable communities that alleviate poverty in partnership with and in service to individuals, families, and organizations

Our vision for Lighthouse reflects pursuit of our core purpose and values – the alleviation of poverty in Southeast Michigan. Our clients see us as family, giving them the comfort and confidence that someone genuinely cares and is concerned over their well-being, someone they can trust and who offers them much more than a box of food or shelter for the night.

Our clients confidently look at us for compassionate service, for community, and a path to a more fulfilling life. Our vision includes clients who frequently become volunteers; volunteers who become staff, management, and board members.

We value building long-term, meaningful relationships by listening to our clients, partners, funders, and other stakeholders. We continuously engage in dialogue and then adapt to fill identified faps and offer services that meet the unique and changing needs of our clients and the local community.