Meet Gabrielle Fagan, Lighthouse’s New Volunteer and Special Projects Coordinator

“My main goal is to help people, that’s honestly all I’ve wanted to do in my life is help people and give them hope,” says Gabrielle Fagan, Lighthouse’s new Volunteer and Special Projects Coordinator. She joined the team in late July and is driven to make a difference in our community.

“I love Lighthouse’s mission. I love what [we] do,” she says. “Our team doesn’t just give short-term help to people; we give long-term help that can be lifechanging.”

Gabrielle recruits and trains Lighthouse food pantry, distribution center, and emergency shelter volunteers. She also works to find people who can help at special events, like the upcoming Michigan Renaissance Festival in Holly (which takes place on weekends, August 20 – October 2) and Arts, Beats & Eats in Royal Oak (September 2-5). In exchange for volunteers, the annual Oakland County events donate money directly to Lighthouse.

“For the Renaissance Festival we need 320 volunteers. It’s a lot,” says Gabrielle. “But, in return you’re helping people get back on their feet, have a house and job, and move forward in a positive direction.”

Prior to Lighthouse, Gabrielle spent her undergraduate years studying psychology at the University of Michigan. After graduation, she decided to change career paths – but knew she still wanted to be in a role that helps people succeed in life. She’s currently getting her graduate certificate in Nonprofit Management from Eastern Michigan University and expects to graduate in April.

“I just want to make the world a better place,” says Gabrielle. “I want to give hope to the hopeless. As long as I can put a smile on people’s faces, as long as I can make a difference in people’s lives for the better, I want to do it. I love people and I have a lot to give, so I’m going to give it.”

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